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Please come worship God with us.

Worship is an entry point into our community; it is how we gather and charge our batteries for the week to come. We share an open communion acting as a wonderful experience of reconciliation for those who seek something greater in their lives.


We are located in the Lower Northeast Philadelphia at

4442 Frankford Avenue,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124.

Our phone number is:

   215 535 0635

We gather for worship:


Sundays at:


9:15 am Bible study

10:00 am Worship 


Wednesdays at 10:30 am (Ecumenical Worship)


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St Mark's Church, Frankford

4442 Frankford Ave


Philadelphia, PA 19124

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What Keeps Us Going

You, and of course, God!

Regular Hours

We're here to welcome you. Please stop by during these hours:


Monday, Wdnesday & Friday 10am - 2pm

Call 215-535-0635 for an ofice apointment or for other matters.


This section of the webpage is intended to allow me to write a little about what we are teaching at St. Mark's Church, Frankford. I intend to keep it updated with what is happening in our community. There may be comments and/or opinion; but there may also be simple news or deeper reflection on Scripture or something I have been thinking about.

The next three links on our webpage are to Service, Discicpleship, and Praise. We believe at St. Mark's that these three ministries make up the cornerstones of a healthy relationship with God. Praise without service, service without praise, and discipleship without service or praise are hollow. I believe what God has done is given us a vision of healthy balanced life with Christ. The relationship with God cannot be defined by how much Bible you know or how great you sing, but how you live out your faith in balance, one to another, Praise, Service, and Discipleship. That is healthy. Look at the links above to check in on how we are living in balance.

This Week Article

This week has been a big week for our church and for me. Yesterday, the Altar Guild had to take a break from getting things started for Easter preparations, and set up for a different baptism. Deacon Phil and I performed a baptism yesterday and I did two off-campus funerals. One of the funerals was for a Free Church of St. John member; the other was for a long time Frankford resident. We also had a funeral for a dear member of our Wednesday family on Tuesday and most of you will know that I went out of town last week to preside at my brother-in-law's memorial service.


It has been busy, but I would not want it any other way; I guess it is fair to say that I wish we had more baptisms than funerals. That said we take what God gives us, when he gives it to us. Remember that Jesus said, “no one comes to the father, except through me.” The verb – comes - is intentional and it points to the truth that God pulls us toward him in his own way at his own time; it is not a choice that we are generally allowed to make.


Baptism and the choice to commit to Christ and the church is one that we are invited to make and I thank God for that choice.


                                  Jon +

We Include the Wider Church

At St. Mark's Church we work very hard to share the love of Christ with all of God's children. We focus ministry on people who do not belong to other Christian communities. Occasionally, for the obvious reason that we are fun and high functioning, Christians from other denominations want to come and participate. Please know that everyone is equally welcome.

We believe that it is God, and God alone who consecrates Holy Communion.  Therefore all who come are not only welcome at the Table, but encouraged to come and participate fully in worship.  This is important because their are some denominations that restrict visitors from participating.  At St. Mark's we think that is absurd.

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