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Please come worship God with us.

Worship is an entry point into our community; it is how we gather and charge our batteries for the week to come. We share an open communion acting as a wonderful experience of reconciliation for those who seek something greater in their lives.


We are located in the Lower Northeast Philadelphia at

4442 Frankford Avenue,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124.

Our phone number is:

   215 535 0635

We gather for worship:


Sundays at:


9:15 am Bible study

10:00 am Worship 


Wednesdays at 10:30 am (Ecumenical Worship)


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St Mark's Church, Frankford

4442 Frankford Ave


Philadelphia, PA 19124

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What Keeps Us Going

You, and of course, God!

Regular Hours

We're here to welcome you. Please stop by during these hours:


Monday, Wdnesday & Friday 10am - 2pm

Call 215-535-0635 for an ofice apointment or for other matters.



We see Service as the way that we live in our community. We keep our eyes set on the other person; we try to change the world for the better one person at a time.


Prayer is our starting point, not an afterthought.

We begin in prayer.  Prayer is our first language. 



Healing! Healing! Healing? I do not know of anything we do that is more important than be a presence for each other as God heals us. 



Service Events

It is reminder of the state of the Philadelphia economy when I see the number of children who come because they were hungry. We try desperately to keep the children safe during their time with us. At one table, I witnessed a mother manipulate men and women in the room into giving her their meals. I was saddened, then I saw her daughter open a bag and burst into a smile when she saw a few pieces of candy in the bottom of the bag. God bless her and all those who make this ministry possible.

If you are interested in participating in any of the ministries at St. Mark's, send us an email or drop us a line.

Remember our Location

We are located in the Lower Northeast Philadelphia at 4442 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124. Our phone number is 215 535 0635.


We gather for worship, which for some is a starting point, for others it is an entry into the life of our community:

Sundays at 10:30am


Wednesdays at 10:30am (Ecumenical Worship) led by the leadership teams of St. Mark's Church, Frankford and Oxford Circle Baptist Church.


 It is a gross understatement to say we limit our relationship with the churches of the Frankford and Oxford Circle Ministerium and of course, the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We have a close and personal relationship with the Oxford Circle Baptist Church.

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